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The truth about Cold Sores

Oral herpes (commonly called cold sores, fever blisters or facial herpes) is typically caused by the HSV-1 virus and generally contracted through saliva or direct contact with infected skin.

Millions of people worldwide are infected with facial herpes. Studies show that up to 90% of people 50+ are infected with the HSV-1 virus, but only a small fraction of those infected will have symptoms: facial herpes recurrences occur in 20% to 40% of adults. In America, there are an estimated 500,000 new cases of facial herpes annually. Studies show that in some countries, there is a rise in genital herpes cases caused by HSV-1 – in some studies more than 50% of new genital herpes instances are caused by HSV-1. This may be partly associated with changing sexual behaviors.

Generally, individuals who have HSV-1 contracted it during childhood. For 70% of people infected, there are no symptoms. Typically there is no way to determine exactly how or when you contracted facial herpes. It is probable that you were infected during childhood through contact with a family member or another child who had the HSV-1 virus. Many individuals have no symptoms and may go a lifetime without knowing they are infected. Greatest risk of contracting the virus is during the time the blisters appear until they have completely disappeared. However, it is still possible to spread herpes even after the skin has healed and the infection is no longer visible.

Cold sores are unlike canker sores, although people oftentimes confuse the two. Although many people believe the two are related, cold sores differ greatly from canker sores. Cold sores are triggered by reactivation of the herpes simplex virus, and are contagious. Canker sores on the other hand, are not contagious, and are actually ulcers that exist in the soft tissues inside the mouth, where cold sores very rarely exist.


Facial herpes is contagious and is passed by close physical contact with someone who has the virus. It is most typically contracted during childhood from kissing or hugging close contact with other infected children. Likewise, facial herpes is often passed among adults by kissing and it can also be transmitted by sharing drinkware, cosmetics, toothbrushes or face towels during an active period.

The time when the virus is the most contagious of facial is when the blisters burst, but it can be passed before blisters are visible or when a person has no symptoms at all (asymptomatic shedding).

It is very common for people to have cold sores. While they are not curable, there are things that have been shown to decrease the frequency and duration of an outbreak.



In the event that there are symptoms of oral herpes, they typically include a fever, flu-like symptoms, a sore mouth and throat (pharyngitis). Painful blisters may appear on the tongue, in the mouth and near and on the lips. These blisters are most often mild. The blisters, which develop into ulcers, last for about 12 days. The amount of blisters generally peaks around day 6 and then decreases. Neck pain and enlarged lymph nodes may occur. There can be bad breath and drooling. Children who are infected may turn down food and drink due to pain in severe cases. If this occurs, guardians should consult a doctor. In older people (such as teenagers), the symptoms may be more severe than in small children.


After HSV has attacked the body, it passes along the nerve paths to the trigeminal ganglion, a bundle of nerves close to the inner ear, where it stays throughout a person’s life. Some people don’t ever have another outbreak, but some people experience occasional recurrences. When reactivated, the virus travels back up the nerves towards the mouth causing a new outbreak, although the symptoms may not be at the same site as the initial infection symptoms. People often experience milder, shorter symptoms during recurrences.

Many who experience cold sores have two or three outbreaks each year. Blisters typically are more localized than during initial infection and normally heal within 8–10 days. Pain dissipates quickly, frequently in 4–5 days. Factors like sunlight, fever, stress, or surgery are thought trigger HSV-1 outbreaks, but these claims have not been scientifically proven.

Generally, outbreaks will clear up totally in about two weeks. This can typically be decreased if you use antiviral drugs.

*The following information is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment. Consult a physician to confirm suspicion of herpes and for treatment advice


Many things can be done to protect yourself and your partner from contracting herpes and to avoid spreading it to other body parts. Here are helpful tips to prevent the spread of herpes:

* Do not kiss or have skin contact with infected persons during an outbreak. Oral herpes is passed most easily when there are moist secretions from cold sores. For people who have suppressed immune system, herpes can be contracted even when there are no visible signs of an outbreak.

* Do not share items like eating utensils, towels, and lip balm because these can carry the herpes virus during an outbreak.

* Wash your hands carefully and regularly prior to touching others during an outbreak.

* Use caution when touching other body parts. Eyes and genital region can be particularly vulnerable to the spread of herpes.

* Avoid activities known to trigger outbreaks. Try to avoid stressful situations, like cold or flu, lack of sleep or prolonged sun exposure without sunblock.

* Use sunblock on lips and face prior to prolonged sun exposure— in winter and summer to avoid outbreaks.

When you are experiencing an outbreak, the aforementioned good hygiene practices will decrease chance of transmission. Also steer clear of:

* Kissing – even a friendly peck on the cheek could pass facial herpes

* Oral sex

* Sharing face towels, eating/drinking utensils, toothbrushes—anything that may pass the virus.


Commonly, cold sores heal without the use of medicine. But, you may want to seek medical attention if:

*The blisters don’t go away within one to two weeks

*There is a pre-existing health condition that has put your immune system at risk

*Symptoms are severe

*You have frequent outbreaks

*Eye irritation occurs

If your facial herpes condition does not warrant medical attention, use the following tips to control oral herpes episodes.

* Guard face from extreme sunlight by wearing a hat and applying sunblock on and around lip region

* Begin treatment right away when you notice signs.

* If you have intense or frequent outbreaks, suppressive therapy <link to glossary> to reduce recurrences may be the best option for you.

* Use home herpes revolution as a preventive measure to reduce the chance of an outbreak if you Visit to will be exposed to a trigger(i.e. extreme weather conditions).

* Do not touch sores. This can cause a bacterial infection or possibly pass the virus to other body parts.

* Wash your hands immediately after touching sores and before and after you apply any medication to affected area.

* Be careful when applying or removing eye make-up because the virus can be passed to the eye.

* Wash hands prior to inserting and removing contact lenses and never moisten lenses with saliva.

* Boost the body’s immune system by following these practical steps to leading a healthy lifestyle: adequate sleep, a regular exercise regiment and a balanced diet.



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ACCESS Florida for Benefits Services

Families worldwide are always entangled in varying troubling issues. This range from wedlock disputes to financial difficulties among others and the entire family may suffer from such problems. Children are the worst affected in situations that may have huge impact on their growth and development. It is for this reason that children and family programs are in place to help assist all those entangled in such situations.

What is Florida department of children and families?

In the state of Florida, the need to save families from basic difficulties led to creation of Florida department of children and families. The department has in place various programs to assist destitute families with food, cash and medical assistance and hence enabling manage easier life with fewer hurdles. Food assistance program is tailored to provide healthy food for the less privileged ensuring they do not suffer from malnutrition or food deficiency diseases. For utilities, rent and other household expenses, the department has in place the temporary cash assistance program. There is also the medical assistance program that allows the less privileged to access better and affordable health care.

What are the benefits from Florida department of children and families?

There is a wide range of benefits available from Florida department of children and families they include among others the ease of access to health care on of the basic requirements. They also enable families to access basic requirements including food and money for basic household expenses. In this regard the programs made available enable families within the state of Florida to lead better and manageable life.

How to Apply and Access for benefits from the Florida Department of Children and Families

Application for services from Florida department of children and families requires one to have access to a computer with internet connection.

1. When this is in place you will visit the website

2. On this site you will find an application form where you are required to enter your personal details for help consideration by the department.

3. However, where internet access is not available the application form can be sourced through mail or fax.

4. Once the formed is filled up, you are required to submit the same to the customer service desk of the department.

Access of services

The services available from Florida department of children and families are made available 24/7. This means that in sourcing for the service, you are bound to have ease of access at any time of day or night. The online platform provided for applications also allows for access from any location within Florida irrespective of the geographical distance. Information on eligibility and any questions regarding registration can be reached out through the customer service numbers where automated service system and customer service attendants are always on standby.

Ensuring that family lead healthy and fulfilling lives is an ideal way to ensure that they remain stable. This provides ideal grounds for upbringing of children thus providing hope for a healthier population. With the services provided targeting the less privileged ease of access is always maintained to ensure that the deserving cases are adequately catered for.

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Find A Job and Apply with PA Career link

Finding a job nowadays offers quite the challenge as there is a wide platform of similar applicants with different qualification and your application simply falls within the many applications made. However, with PA career link your application is processed and directed in the right direction for greater acceptance opportunities.

What is the Common wealth workforce development system?

The common wealth workforce development system is a Pennsylvania online career link that offers employers and job seekers a wide platform that is uniformed in fulfilling their purposes. Employers are able to view as many applicants there are in Pennsylvania with the job position they are offering in the market and manage to go through as many applications as they can and find their own most suitable job seeker to take up the job position. Job seekers are also found to have a greater opportunity in finding a job position much faster with the common wealth workforce development system as there are many jobs posted and employers seeking them directly than when their applications forms had to be placed at the bottom due to the surmountable number of qualified applicants. The common wealth workforce development system also offers other services such as training, child care, transport, medical services, psychological services, vocational testing, technological assistance, disability services and placement services etc. To this accord, it is only fair to realize the surmountable benefits of the commonwealth workforce system going beyond just employment opportunities but also mainly in offering social support.

What is job application at Pennsylvania Career Link?

Job application at PA career link is the ability for job seekers to send in their job application on the online platform depending on the job they are looking for and the qualifications they each have managed to equip themselves with. The abbreviation PA stand for the state of Pennsylvania as the online PA career link is mainly focused on the employment and job seekers currently residing in Pennsylvania. Each of these groups will be able to allocate their opportunities without having to visit a bureau and will have their applications automatically processed instead of being dumped under the large pile of applications in the industry as there are many.

How to find a job and apply with PA CareerLink?

It is very easy to apply for a job and find one via the PA career link as the first step is to open the official webpage using this link: In order to be sure that you are on the right webpage you will see the names Commonwealth workforce development system at the top with the direct indication written Pennsylvania Career link at the top which is underlined with a red line as you look towards the right side of the page. Under these titles are three divided sections in which you can use for application depending on what you are applying. In the first column the title is Individuals and it is suitably used by job seekers. The second column is titled Employers which is suitably used by employers who have open job positions in which they are looking for new employees to take up. The third column is titled Service providers which is suitably used by individuals looking to receive the services mentioned above such as child care, medical, vocational testing etc.

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  • About Pennsylvania CareerLink:
  • The Pennsylvania CareerLink FAQ:
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How to Use File for a Florida Unemployment Claimweeks

It is everyone’s desire and prayer that they find that good job, work peacefully and later retire gracefully. However, not every one may have the chance to work their entire life in one place through retire. Due to unavoidable circumstances, some may find themselves switching jobs. Before you get another job you need a life saver, a package that will take care of you in the meantime; an unemployment claim.

What is Florida an unemployment claim weeks?

In Florida, as of may 2013, statics claimed that about 7.1% of its residents are still unemployed and are eligible to apply for an unemployment claim. In Florida, the act of claiming for benefits for specified period of time is commonly referred to as “filing for Florida an unemployment claim weeks”

To be eligible,

1. Convincing reason for unemployment should be given- one must be unemployed strictly through no doing of their own. For instance, be laid off owing to company restructuring, your employer dropping out of business, due to downsizing or any other circumstance that is beyond your control. Note that, losing your job due to misconduct automatically disqualifies you from accessing the unemployment benefits.

2. Meet specified earnings-first; one must have worked for at least one quarter of their base period and earned wages before applying. In addition, the cumulative earning during their base period, you MUST be atleast one and a half times the earnings of their highest earning quarters.

3. Show interest and willingness to accept any suitable job-not only accept any suitable job but prove that you are actively seeking for a job.

The benefits of Florida Unemployment Claim

Florida unemployment claims can be filed online through an online system nicknamed FLUID’ and should be filed within one week after losing your job.

The whole process takes approximately 30 to 50 minute to complete and once you start, you have about 72 hours to complete or you will be forced to start all over the start once again.

If your application is approved, the maximum benefit you can receive per week is $275 whereas the minimum being $32 each week. The amount one receives is calculated by dividing their income from their highest salary, which is known as base period by 26.

Additionally, the highest length of time an individual can receive Florida unemployment insurance benefits is 26 weeks.

Why file an unemployment benefit claim at state of Florida Agency for workforce innovation?

In Florida, all individuals wishing to file unemployment claim are expected to do it in the most comfortable and swift manner through FLUID. FLUID caters for both fresh applications and appeals within Florida.

How to file a Florida unemployment Claim

Before starting the application process, all applicants are advised to fully read and understand what FLUID is all about through .

Through this website, one will know what it is, is required of them, and all the information that is needed from them. Note that the website is active throughout the week from Monday to Saturday from 6:30AM to 8:00PM and on Sunday from 6:30AM to 6:00PM.

A PIN number is given to you when you start the application process that should be used within 72 hours window.

Once you are through with the application process, you will get a notification alerting you that your claim was submitted successfully.

Once the claim is approved, it will take between 3-4 weeks before you are issued with the first payment.

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What Is New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claims?

New Jersey Unemployment (unemployment nj )insurance claim is a claim filed in New Jersey by an employee/employees who have been terminated from their jobs. However, the claim can be denied for instance when an employee is terminated as a result of misconduct or he/she quits job on their own volition without any good cause attributable to the employer.

Nevertheless, employees who have been denied the claim in New Jersey in accordance with the law have the right to appeal the decision. Additionally, it is important to note that no one is to be victimized when making the claim on basis of poor work performance.

Why should you file an unemployment insurance claim?

Uncertainties like losing a job often leaves many people stranded and with no idea of how to survive. Unemployment insurance claim is tenaciously designed to lighten the burden by providing you with little financial assistance while you still look for another job.

If your claim is approved, then you will start receiving weekly benefits 48 hours immediately after approval. The amount you receive weekly, though subject to change, stands at 60% percent of your average weekly earnings through your base year period. As of 2013, the maximum amount that can be disbursed by the department of labor stood at $624 per week.

The payments are issued through either direct deposits or prepaid debit card.

However, to continue enjoying the benefits, one must satisfy that:

· They are actively seeking job,

· Show willingness to accept any suitable job offer,

· Demonstrate that they are willing and ready to work.

How to file an unemployment insurance claim online

nj unemployment claim is handled by the department of labor and workforce. To be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits in New Jersey:

· One must physically reside in New Jersey,

· You must have worked in New jersey within the past year and a half,

· Never served in the military, or maritime for the past year and a half

· You must have worked for at least 20 base weeks or cumulatively earned at least $7,300.

The easiest and fastest method to get your claim processed is through online.

On your browser, load: and complete the whole application in one sitting. Note that leaving your computer idle for 30 minutes or so or exiting without saving automatically makes all your efforts futile and upon returning, the whole process will be filled from the start.

You will be prompted to submit:

· Your social security number,

· States Id number or driving license number,

· All information about your employers in

· The past one year and a half; name, telephone number, address, dates you worked with them, and why you left the job.

· For non U.S citizens, you will need your alien registration information, i.e. country of origin, permanent resident card, employment authorization card etc.

Once you submit your application, you will receive a notification showing whether your application has been approved or rejected. As stated earlier, if your application is rejected, you can still file an appeal with the department of labor and workforce.

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How to Use Inmate Email Services

Things do happen, and Life keeps toasting us to places and situations we never even imagined could ever occur to us. Jail nowadays is a place for both the guilty and the innocent. Forget about how people find themselves there in the first place. Anyone incarcerated have the right to communicate to the outside world and this is where Corrlinks comes in.

What is Corrlinks?

Corrlinks is a private owned corporation providing official email system used by the bureau of prison to permit inmates to communicate with the outside world. In order to use Corrlinks inmates must pay for it in order to send and/or receive email. Corrlinks was specifically designed to facilitate communication between inmates and the outside world as it was found to be a bit therapeutic and beneficial in enabling the inmates serve their term without much stress lessening the feeling of being completely isolated from the entire society especially their relatives, families and friends.

How Does Corrlinks Work?

Unlike the normal commercial sites which permit correspondents to send emails which are printed and then mailed to an inmate, Corrlinks provides direct access to federal convicts. To use this service, inmates must pay $0.05 per minute and an extra $0.15 is charged for every page printed.

However, not all federal convicts are allowed to access Corrlinks. Actually, most barred inmates from using this service are those whose crime involved the use of computers (involved in computer crime).

All emails send and received are keenly monitored filtering any kind of attachment. The space provided is limited to 13000 characters and consequently does not allow convicts to entrée to the internet.

How to Use Corrlinks Inmate email

Using Corrlinks basically involves 5 simple steps. To be able to use this service, first, you have to receive an email from an inmate. The email you receive in your inbox should read; “Inmate Gerald, Joseph this is a system generated message”.

Note that after sending and receiving first few messages, it will you will now use it the same way we use other email systems. However, before then, these are the steps to follow.

1. The message you receive in your inbox will have a unique code that you are to use when registering with Corrlinks. The codes usually resemble something like this, RHVGDRS’. To sign up with Corrlinks, note that you will have to use the same email address the invitation was sent to.

2. Using our earlier example,

Inmate: Gerald


“This is a system generated message informing you that the above-named person is a federal prisoner who seeks to add you to his/her contact list for exchanging electronic messages. There is no message from the prisoner at this time”.

Once you receive this message, you have the right to accept or reject the request. To accept the request, reply with your email address and the unique code you received. Note that the identification code expires in 10 days. Approving the message automatically gives the inmates the right to email you.

3. Using your browser, load: and then click on the sign up button’. You will be prompted to enter your details, i.e. your email address’, and a unique password’. When choosing a password, combine both letters and number and choose a password you won’t forget.

4. Once you are done with the registration process, wait for 20 to 40 minutes for your application to be processed. Then through your account, go to, “manage my inmate list” and mark the email alert box’. Doing this will enable you to receive notification every time an email is send to you.

5. When an email is sent to you using Corrlinks Inmate email, you will receive a message to your inbox reading: “you have a new Corrlinks message”. Sign in into your Corrlinks account to view the message. When you reply, it will take up to 1 hour for you to receive a reply simply because all messages have to go through the monitoring process which takes time.

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As stated earlier in this article, all inmates have the right to use this service unless stated otherwise. A federal inmate will require money to use it. Note that in many United States Federal Prisons, inmates’ wages start at 12 cents for each hour, and sending messages costs up to $0.30. You are advised to be careful on what you send to avoid delay and distortion of the message you intended to send. More information about the monitoring process can be found in: through their FAQ page. Familiarise yourself with the process to effectively and swiftly communicate with your convicted loved ones or friends.